System Maintenance is Important

In the world of technology, there are always new innovations and designs being released. This means that having maintenance performed on your communication systems on a regular basis is important. Regular maintenance helps you to be aware of any malfunctions, issues, or updates that may be necessary to keep your gold standard communication between your dispatch consoles and two-way radios. Procom Communications has a group of technicians who have 198 years of combined technical experience! Among the services we offer, frequency interference testing is one of them to determine whether your in-building coverage is adequate. From there, we offer troubleshooting and work with you to determine the best solutions for your individual communication needs.

Maintenance work on your communication system is integral to our company because our company is dedicated to the customer service we provide. The proper upkeep of your dispatch consoles, portable radios, or in-building coverage systems can prevent many things from happening or just help your company in the long run. Below is a list of just a few things that regular maintenance to your equipment can provide:

  • Prevent a breakdown that could be crippling to your business
  • Make your equipment last longer
  • Stabilize your annual costs
  • Time saving opportunity – knowing that your equipment is in operating condition at all times reduces the opportunity for downtime due to system outages
  • Convenience – maintenance can be done when it is most convenient to you so that your regular business is not interrupted
  • Top priority – in the event of a major breakdown, Procom Communications will put you at the top of our list to get your problem fixed and the communication lines back up and running

There is no one more committed to the functionality and ease of communication than Procom! Contact us today to learn more about our service maintenance agreements that we offer for various communication systems that we install.