Technology exists to serve.  The better it serves us, the better it makes us.emergency vehicle communications

At Procom, we leverage technology to connect people at moments that matter - whether the moment involves stopping an assailant in his tracks, getting emergency medical care to a student on a school bus, or making sure a football fan can get her order of nachos at a packed stadium.

By connecting people at crucial moments we help build a safer, more productive world. 

radio repeaters baltimoreThanks to our solutions businesses become more productive, customers get better service, cities operate more efficiently and small emergencies never become big disasters. Most important of all, lives are saved.

It’s what we do every day. But how  we do it sets us apart.

We immerse ourselves into the daily lives of our customers to understand their needs and challenges. We then introduce them to new ways of doing things, matching our rich set of solutions to their unique circumstances. And we back our technology with the best customer service in the business.

Customer service – it’s imbedded in our culture.

radio repeaters baltimore

It includes such qualities as integrity, dedication, courteousness, speed, and quality workmanship. Other organizations use those words to describe who they are, but then they ignore them for the sake of expediency. Not so at Procom, where customer service is always our priority. In a few words, our solutions turn communication into information, and information into intelligence – all of which leads to better decisions, better responses, and better outcomes.

So while we may not be risking our lives chasing down a terrorist, or putting everything on the line to grow a business, or giving our all to keep a school district running, make no mistake about it – supporting the dedicated people who do is our mission in life.