System Design 

Improve capability, talk performance, and reduce potential operator confusion with our experienced system design analysis.  

Procom has been providing integrated system design and solutions since 2004.  Our range of experience includes:

  • Building county-wide transportations systems with Clear Voice and GPS tracking for school systems
  • Trunked repeaters for police and campus security departments
  • Shipping P25 linked wide-area systems for use by government agents in other lands
  • Installing repeater systems with hundreds of subscribers in sports stations hosting MLB and NFL games
  • Creating linked transportable repeaters with covert body worn radios for special units engaged in homeland security​

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Procom is a Full-Service Radio and Wireless Solutions Provider  

From analog to digital ... from single-site to multi-site ... from conventional to trunked, we provide cost-effective solutions that enhance safety, improve efficiency, and reduce cost.  

Multiple variables (i.e. overlapping signals, FCC licensing regulations, multiple locations, terrain) can affect the recommended system design. Let our team of experts provide the best solution customized to your requirements to keep costs lower, while achieving the highest performance for your network needs. We take into account current technology, future expansion needs, and user friendly applications to provide you with the most effective communication system.  Procom's Technical Services Group can provide recommendations for tower site selection, coverage studies, frequency selection, and bandwidth capacity analysis. 

Procom’s FCC Licensing Group can also help you with the application process for and acquisition of the frequencies identified by our Technical Services Group. Plus, Procom also offers installation packages and service plans for maintaining your communication systems.

Customer Service is not just a department here at Procom.  It's our way of doing business.   

Finding the Best Technological Solution is Our Strength

By partnering with the most innovative and quality-conscious manufacturers in the industry, we objectively combine a wide range of products and technologies to bring you the best for less.  

From analog to digital ... from single-site to multi-site ... from conventional to trunked, we provide wireless voide, video & data solutions that enhance safety, improve productivity, and reduce costs.  

  • Multi-site repeater systems
  • Trunked systems
  • Single-site systems
  • Panic systems
  • In-building coverage 
  • IV&D systems
  • Clear Voice
  • Transportable repeater networks
  • Radio to IP Networking
  • Rapid-deployment portable communication systems

Experience Our Award-Winning Customer Service

Whether your line of work involves government, public safety, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, education, sports and entertainment, construction, utilities, healthcare, property management, retail, or hospitality we’ve successfully served customers in your field over the past 11 years.