WAVE Plus In-Building Instant Alert System

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Product Code: WAVE Plus In-Building Instant Alert System

Invest in your organization's security with The WAVE Plus, an Instant Notification System to enhance safety in environments such as government facilities, hospitals and schools. 

In an emergency, the quick arrival of law enforcement is critical.  In the event of an impending threat, a transmit device can be activated to trigger the rapid broadcast of an alarm signal, instantly transmisting a location-specific message over the 2-way radio system used by first responders.  It can also call 911 with a pre-recorded message.   

The programmable communication unit comes ready to interface with 100 zones, with available options to expand the system to 10,000 zones.  With a wide selection of input devices, your system can be designed to provide an effective integration into existing security systems.  The WAVE Plus system is wireless, making installation and upgrades cost effective. 

Included with the WAVE Plus In-Building Instant Alert System

  • Portable communicator core unit with 100 zones
  • 2 way radio interface
  • Network interface capability for email / text
  • Integrated battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • 2 year warranty

General Features:

  • Autonomous self-monitored system 
  • Interface with zone devices to require system acknowledgement for continuous security
  • USB port and ability to generate printable alarm history or status reports
  • Can easily integrate with other wired or wireless security or automation systems
  • Input devices include panic buttons, tilt switches, trip beams, temperature sensors, door/window contacts and motion detectors
  • Allows users to set up virtual panic keys on desktop computers
  • Optional capacity for up to 10,000 zones each with a unique alarm message (multiple sensors can be assigned to each zone)
  • Optional module available for location tracking within a building

Notification Features:

  • Alarm notifications can be simultaneously transmitted over up to four radios (VHF, UHF, 800 MHz or any other frequency, including digital or encrypted)
  • Send notification emails, text messages and/or phone calls, broadcast message over PA, trigger control system for lockdown, or switch on strobe lights and sirens
  • Messages can be pre-recorded and transmitted with specific location data
  • Alarm notifications for specified zones can be set up for specified days or hours for added security
  • Low battery and missed-check-in supervisory alarms via email or text message
  • Programmable alarm messages for custom repeat cycle or delay
  • Courtesy hold-off feature waits for a clear-channel before broadcasting alarms over a radio network