Prime contractors perform an important job in this country by supporting federal government agencies. And when they need covert communications, they turn to wireless communications firms--but how do they know which organizations truly understand their line of business and communications needs?


Let’s take a look at the needs of prime contractors as well as the tools that can enable their success on the job.


Requirements for Success


Depending on the job type, prime contractors will likely require customized solutions for two-way radios used by Government agencies they service and support:

  • Rapid delivery and deployment
  • Covert or discreet communications systems
  • Systems that integrate two-way radios and smartphones onto a common platform
  • Systems designed with customer input
  • Ability to train users on the system deployment and usage

As indicated from the list above, customization is key in working with prime contractors, including the ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems by taking commercial off the shelf products and modifying them. And because these systems are customizable, they are also scalable depending on the agency’s needs.

An experienced system integrator in the wireless communications field will be able to solve most problems while being sensitive to the agency’s confidentiality agreement. In fact, sensitivity to confidentiality agreements is key in building trust and in ensuring the safety and success of the agency’s mission.


Examples of products that can be created include:

  • A high powered radio that transmits inside of a briefcase with covert antennas for wide-area communications​
  • Covert radios designed with ease of access, no visible wires, and hidden push-to-talk buttons
  • Systems that can be fitted with in-the-ear devices for covert communication

Final Thoughts


In the end, the best way in which wireless communications companies can help prime contractors is by providing rugged and reliable hardware and systems that can be customized to the user’s needs. Typically, prime contractors will know the type of equipment their Federal customers need as well as the required capabilities. But if that’s not the case, wireless communications firms can provide suggestions for solutions that are scalable, safe, and affordable.


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