Whether you need mobile radios installed in a car, van, truck or bus; repeaters installed to cover an office building, stadium or school campus; or a video surveillance system to guard sensitive areas of your property, our technicians can handle the job.  Our engineering resources can also design your system - down to the last connector.  Procom can provide assistance in these areas:

  • In vehicle mobile radio installation
  • Repeater and combiner system installation
  • Distributed antenna system and bi-directional amplifier to enhance in-building voice coverage
  • Police light bars
  • Interoperability systems
  • Video cameras and DVR's
  • Trunked radio systems
  • Mesh systems for your building or campus
  • Call boxes

Procom's Technical Services Team's experience includes on-site system optimization, distributed antenna system design, product development, site linking, interference analysis, frequency monitoring, radio over IP, integration of radio systems with IP networks, tuning filters, in-house testing, radio align/tune, and troubleshooting and repair of portable and mobile radios.  

Already have a system but are dissatisfied with it's performance?  Call us toll-free for installations or enhancement services at 877.290.0222, or click here to request information online.

Repeater Systems

Adding an array of repeaters and duplexers consists of the proper frequency and interference analysis to allow for the appropriate frequency tuning.  An analysis of the current frequency "landscape" is important for designing new systems, or for expanding an existing one.  Depending on the frequency, repeaters are strategically positioned to maximize communication quality and to ensure redundancy without interference.   Our Technical Services Group is experienced in providing the proper analysis, as well as installing the appropriate equipment for your repeater system.


Mobile Radio Systems

Procom provides vehicle installations for mobile 2-way radios and other large scale communication systems.  This includes connecting to the vehicle's electrical system, testing, tuning, programming and troubleshooting.

Procom has experience installing radios in everything including cars, trucks, boats, golf-carts and buses both on a one-off basis or for an entire fleet of vehicles.

Radio Programming

Mobile and portale 2-way radios need to be programmed and tuned to the appropriate frequency according to an organization's particular FCC license.  Procom provides the technical support to handle initial set-up, align/tuning, programming, and reprogramming of frequencies.   We can also handle troubleshooting if an issue with your equipment arises.   We also provide service by the hour.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Procom's Technical Services Group can provide your organization with the technical support for in-building communications coverage.  Since concrete and walls can produce an impedence on a comm system, we can install a network of antennas and repeaters to provide blanket coverage of communications for your building or campus.  We provide coverage tests, receive signal strength measurements, and recommendations for an appropriate array of equipment to ensure quality and reliability of coverage.  We can integrate our recommendations with existing indoor technology or utilize an outside Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDAs) to facilitate the best option for your particular needs.