Covert Micro Digital Wireless Earpiece

Micro Digital Wireless Earpiece
List Price: $795.00
Our Price: $715.95
Savings: $79.05
Product Code: 417-0200

The Micro Digital Wireless Earpiece is our smallest and most popular model.  Designed to fit both the left and right ear, it incorporates our proven LD5 technology Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to eliminate noise when the associated radio is not receiving and to limit audio to 96dB for user safety.  Available in 3 skin tones, the Micro Digital Wireless Earpiece kit includes 6 batteries, 15 wax traps and an insertion tool in a storage case. (Use of an induction neckloop or flatpack is required.)

Our Wireless Earpieces are operationally proven, making them a trusted inductive receiver for professional undercover use.  Compatible with a wide range of radios and covert bodyworn audio systems, these earpieces are comfortable, reliable, and discrete.

Suitable for left or right ear use.

Comes complete with black zip case, 6x 10AE batteries, 15x Wax Traps and fitting tool with user instructions.

Material : ABS

Color : European, Dark European and Afro Caribbean

Battery : 10AE

Output : 96dB ±2dB

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