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PROnet 2Way Radio Communications System GPS Text Command Dispatch Log
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Enhance the safety and security of your team by offering clear, reliable, instantaneous voice communications and emergency situational awareness. Procom’s PROnet System is an operations-critical, integrated voice and data solution (IV&D) that combines advanced command & control software, robust radio frequency hardware, and award-winning service and support into a single integrated solution.

The PROnet communications system is ideal for school system transportation departments. It can provide instantaneous county-wide clear digital voice, subscription-free GPS tracking, text messaging to 2-way radios, emergency alerts to and from buses, time and date-stamped voice/event logging, and extensive mileage/route/speed reporting. Optional PROnet features include: smartphone connectivity to your radio system (Android or iOS); telemetry functions to track stop arm, front door, rear door, and amber lights movement; and student rider tracking with parental notification.

PROnet's repeater core can be designed as either a single-site or multi-site system to achieve optimum coverage throughout your district or county. System capacity can be designed to support other departments such as security, maintenance, pupil personnel workers (PPWs), etc. For example, PPWs and maintenance workers can be assigned their own talk groups or "partitions" within PROnet. In this way, only authorized personnel in their respective department will hear their transmissions or track their vehicle locations.  

Another outstanding PROnet application involves the creation of a school to school communications system – one that continues to operate during an emergency because PROnet is a system that you own and control without having to pay subscription fees.


Included with the PROnet Dispatch Solutions

  • Procom’s Technical Services Group is responsible for the entire system design, starting with tower site selection, coverage studies, frequency selection, and bandwidth capacity for both voice and data transmissions
  • Procom’s FCC Licensing Group handles the application for and acquisition of the frequencies identified by our Technical Services Group


  • Clear voice with solid coverage throughout the district
  • System remains operative during emergencies, without the overloading that occurs on a public cellular or LTE system
  • Instant playback of every transmission with the vehicle or user number, date, and time-stamp shown
  • Instantly communicate with the entire fleet or with a group of users within the fleet
  • Make one-to-one private calls for transmission of sensitive subject matter
  • Send text messages when extremely precise or discreet information is required
  • Control any radio remotely from the dispatch console (i.e. make sure radios are turned on; discretely open the mic to obtain situational awareness)
  • Monitor the physical location of your fleet from virtually anywhere with a web-based GPS portal
  • Radios have an orange emergency button that instantly sends an alert for help, showing the user number and physical location, and opening the mic discreetly so that dispatchers can hear and record the on-going situation.