Fusion-XG Unified PTT Solution

FusionXG Solution Unified Group Communications Package
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FUSIONXG - a turnkey, transportable, FIPS 140-2 compliant unified PTT solution -  provides interoperability between P25 (and other) 2-way radios, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.  By utilizing your existing 3G, 4G, or 4G-LTE network, we extend LMR coverage without the need for additional repeaters and LMR tower sites.  FUSIONXG integrates communications even if the personnel involved are separated by hundreds – or even thousands – of miles, providing secure and seamless Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice, text messaging, and GPS location services. 

LMR Limitations

Lack of interoperability.  In the real world, local police departments operating on one set of LMR frequencies (e.g., 700 MHz) cannot easily communicate with Federal law enforcement agents using another set of frequencies (e.g., VHF). Add to the mix differing LMR technologies and proprietary trunking protocols, and barriers to instant communication and collaboration at critical moments arise.

Confined Geographic Coverage. LMR systems have limited geographic coverage. Once a radio user is out-of-range of the network’s towers and repeater sites, he/she is cut-off from contact with incident commanders and colleagues. This could leave him/her exposed to dangerous situations without the ability to receive instructions or call for help.

Subscriber (Handset) Cost. High tier multi-band 2-way radios, with encryption and trunking capabilities, can easily cost $4000 or more. This expenditure cannot always be justified for occasional or temporary users. Yet the need may exist for such users to have LMR access at times. Add the fact that an ad hoc interoperability system may be needed in the field - away from HQ or home base - and the value of a turn-key, transportable, unifying system increases exponentially.

The Solution

FUSIONXG breaks down the technical and geographic barriers created by incompatible LMR systems. In basic terms, it is a transportable, easy-to-operate, fully interoperable communications system that unifies disparate LMR systems and other “smart” devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs.  By deploying FUSIONXG law enforcement, first-responders, and other critical personnel can communicate and collaborate instantly with both in-house teams and external partner agencies, all without concern over system compatibility, geographic boundaries, or device accessibility.

WAVE’s FIPS 140-2 compliant software is the de facto standard for software-enabled LMR interoperability, with widespread deployments across all branches of government. The WAVE system can display and process an unlimited number of secure, encrypted, audio channels with mixing, transcoding, and instant replay available at the click of a mouse.  The graphical user interface (GUI) allows command personnel and dispatchers to know who is talking; to organize members into logical talk groups; to rename channels as needed; and to easily add or subtract users. Scalable features also include GPS tracking of smart device users so that personnel positioning can be seen. 

Break down communication barriers between users with FUSIONXG.


Included with the Fusion-XG Unified PTT Solution

  • Quad-core computer (fully-configured with required server partitions)
  • IPSEC gateways with antennas
  • LMR gateways and radio interface cables (you must specify the radio models you will be connecting to the system; up to 12 radio system connections are possible)
  • All required MS server licenses and server software
  • WAVE Dispatch Communicator and Desktop Communicator software; 20, 40, 60, 100 or more concurrent radio/smart device WAVE licenses can be incluided
  • Durable, transportable cases

Benefits and Features:

  • Extend workforce communications beyond LMR and tower sites to include modern devices and networks
  • Dispatch/Control & Command functions using the WAVE Dispatch Communicator over an existing 3G, 4G, or 4G-LTE network
  • Secure PTT applications over broadband
  • Audio Processing managed by the software itself, requiring no additional specialized audio hardware
  • Group Call/Private Call modes allow one-to-one, one-to-group, or one-to-all conversations
  • Secured by 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption 
  • Mapping/Locator Service with optional WAVE Mobile Communicator App 
  • Active Users function shows whose active on each channel and their current position on the mapping software
  • Provides an economical way to add non-radio users to the network

For more information please click on the product brochure here.