Motorola APX 7000XE Digital Portable Radio

Motorola APX 7000XE Digital Portable Radio
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In the heat of a wildfire or the smoke of a structure fire, you can't afford to struggle with controls or strain to hear commands. You need a radio so reliable and responder-focused, it's second nature to use. Working with first responders around the world, Motorola developed APX™ radios to be the safest and toughest – and to deliver innovative technology in an ultra-rugged, user-friendly form.

Instant Interoperability

The APX 7000XE dual-band radio places instant interoperability in the hands of fire fighters and EMS personnel. Now, a single ruggedized portable radio can operate in any two of the following frequency bands: 700/800 MHz ,VHF, UHF Range 1, and UHF Range 2.  The benefit: first responders from various agencies, using disparate radio systems, can communicate seamlessly at any time.  (For example, Federal law enforcement personnel, who typically use VHF frequencies, can communicate with county police officers who normally use the 700/800 MHz band.)  In addition, the APX 7000 offers backward and forward compatibility (i.e., FDMA and TDMA; legacy 3600 baud trunking and APCO P25 9600 baud trunking), so agencies on different migration paths can still communicate with each other.

Exceptionally Clear, Loud Audio

Racing to an emergency, you need crystal-clear audio — — and the APX 7000XE delivers. Its dual-microphone design locates the talker while suppressing background noise in the most demanding environments. Plus, a unique speaker grill design improves water runoff to keep communications going strong. Together, these technological breakthroughs produce audio that is comfortably heard and clearly understood, enabling life-saving communications to thrive.


Everything about the APX 7000XE is designed with first responders in mind - starting with the large Monochromatic LCD top display of the Model 1.5.  With its intelligent lighting, the top display enables you to see information at a glance while the radio is fixed to your belt.  Model 3.5 features a dual-display: the aforementioned top display plus a ruggedized front panel color display. The enlarged keypad has increased spacing to enable easy navigation of buttons and better visibility. And the oversized controls are easy to operate when you're wearing bulky gloves – including the volume knob, channel selector, and X-large emergency button. With its rugged MIL specs, FM certification, and optional color housings, the APX 7000XE is the performer you can rely on in the harshest environments.

Focus On The Task, Not The Technology

Whether you're patrolling the border, containing a fire, or directing a multiagency response, the APX 7000XE delivers seamless interoperability on demand, complimenting your effort to save lives and property in the harshest environments.

Advanced Ergonomics For Extreme Conditions

  • Easy to grip, hold and control in harsh conditions
  • Glove-friendly controls are big, recognizable and easy to distinguish
  • Well-spaced knobs eliminate accidental activation
  • Enlarged top display is easy to read, in dark or low light
  • Shielded push-to-talk button is easy to use with a gloved hand
  • Largest emergency button in the industry

Exceptional Audio Means Every Word Is Heard

  • 50% louder and clearer without distorting transmissions
  • Dual microphone locates the talker, cancels out ambient noise
  • Extreme Audio Profile reduces background noise and improves voice clarity
  • Equipped with the latest AMBE digital voice vocoder
  • New speaker grill design for improved water runoff

Next Generation Technology To Rely On Now

  • Project 25 Phase 2 technology provides twice the voice capacity
  • Multiband operation ensures seamless interoperability
  • Backwards and forwards compatible with all Motorola mission critical radio systems
  • Future-ready for applications like Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking

General Features:

  • Available in  VHF, UHF R1, UHF R2, and 700/800 MHz
  • Available in 2 models
    • Top Display model with 8-character visible top display
    • Dual Display model with large color display, top display and keypad
  • Standard Black, Public Safety Yellow, and High Impact Green housing options
  • Optional multiband operation
  • Trunking standards supported: 
    • Clear or digital ASTRO® 25 Trunked Operation
    • Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
  • Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional System Configurations
  • Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver (6.25 kHz equivalent/12.5 kHz/30 kHz/25 kHz)
  • Embedded digital signaling (ASTRO and ASTRO 25)
  • Integrated GPS capable
  • Seamless wideband scan
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Man Down
  • Radio Profiles
  • Expansion Slot
  • Micro SD removable memory card
  • User programmable Voice Announcement
  • Meets Applicable MIL-STD-810C, D, E, F and G
  • Ships standard Intrinsically Safe and Rugged
  • Superior Audio Features:
    • Extreme Audio Profile
    • 1 W high audio speaker
    • Dual speakers (Model 3.5 only)
    • Dual sided 2 microphone noise cancelling technology
  • Utilizes Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista Customer Programming Software (CPS)
    • Supports USB communications
    • Built in FLASHport™ support

Model Options:

  • Model 1.5 Top Display: Tall Monochromatic LCD Top Display, 1 Line Text/8 Characters, 1 Line of Icons, No Menu Support, Multi-Color Backlight.
    • 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), 1-2.5 Watts, 3,000 Channels
    • VHF (136-174 MHz), 1-6 Watts, 3,000 Channels
    • UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 3,000 Channels
    • UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 3,000 Channels
  • Model 3.5 Dual Display: Tall Monochromatic LDC Top Display, Large Color LCD Front Display, 4 Lines Text/14 Characters, 2 Lines of Icons, 1 Menu Line, 3 Menus, Backlight Keypad, 3 Soft Keys, 4-Direction Navigation, Key 4x3 Full Keypad, Home and Data Buttons.
    • 700/800 MHz (764-870 MHz), 1-2.5 Watts, 3,000 Channels
    • VHF (136-174 MHz), 1-6 Watts, 3,000 Channels 
    • UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz) 1-5 Watts, 3,000 Channels
    • UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz) 1-5 Watts, 3,000 Channels

Optional Features:

  • Enhanced Encryption capability
  • Programming Over Project 25 (POP 25)
  • Over the Air Re-key
  • Text Messaging
  • Mission Critical Wireless
  • Full portfolio of accessories including the XE Remote Speaker Microphone specifically designed for performance in extreme environments

For a full list of features click on the product spec sheet here.