Motorola ASTRO 25 Trunked P25 Multi-Site System

Motorola ASTRO 25 Digital  P25 Multi Site Repeater System
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The ASTRO® 25 multi-site trunked digital radio repeater system was designed for mission critical operations.  This scalable solution is the perfect system for those organizations with larger groups, dense RF traffic areas, or where more secure encryption is required.

The ASTRO® 25 system provides expanded features to fit your exact coverage needs. The flexible system can be configured to support 100s to 1000s of channels, with up to 250 console positions across 50 dispatch sites per core. By providing the ability to operate ASTRO® 25 systems across channel types and within the required FCC narrowband compliance, organizations can achieve a system that supports the level of users and communication reliability needed. The customizable ASTRO® 25 system is also easily upgradable for future expansion.  

The P25 digital technology allows for clearer voice transmission, superior voice encryption, speed, reliability, interoperability, and performance under peak loads. It is designed to optimize critical communications and enable interoperability with other P25 systems, Public Safety LTE networks, commercial carrier networks, two-way radio systems and agency enterprise data networks.  The wide area trunking system offers a sophisticated set of radio roaming features and capabilities simplifying user operation of the radio while ensuring that the radio is operating on the optimum site. 

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General Features:

  • Available in VHF, UHF, 700 and 800 MHz
  • Enhanced packet delivery
  • Fast recovery from failure
  • Voice priority messaging 
  • Multi-cast IP operations
  • P25 interoperability channels
  • P25 Conventional Talkgroup channel
  • Narrowband channels (12.5 khz)
  • Available in Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase 2 (TDMA) technology
  • Simulcast and multicast
  • Wireless consoles

Wide Area Trunking System Features:

  • Automatic Site Registration 
  • De-Registration when unit is turned off, user moves from one site to another, or out of range time-out timer
  • Automatic Site Switching optimizing site selection as radio moves through coverage area
  • Control Channel Discovery to find last known channel or find available trunked channels w/in frequency
  • Control Channel Congestion 
  • Preferred Site operation allows radio to search for alternative pre-programmed preferred site, allows conservation of repeater resources in coverage overlap areas
  • Dynamic Site Assignment (Voice Only), ensures users have max channel efficieincy as system only uses sites where talkgroup members are active

Digital calling features:

  • Radio disable - allows stolen/lost radios to be disabled over the air
  • PTT ID - allows receiving party to immediately identify the caller
  • Polite & Impolite Setup - provides flexible communication scheme to meet specific work environment
  • Sophisticated scanning - helps ensure all relevant calls are heard
  • Talk Around - communicate directly w/out relaying control or voice through system
  • Call Alert / Call Back - enables user to page another and request return call
  • Remote Monitor - enables supervisor radio to listen in on remote radios to maximize safety
  • Emergency Call Options 

Optional Upgrade Features:

  • Conventional Data Redundancy
  • High Performance Data (HPD) applications
  • Mixed Mode Conventional Simulcast
  • GCP 8000 for P25 QUANTAR 
  • Radio Programming over P25 (POP25)
  • Integrated Voice & Data (IV&D) applications
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) 
  • PremierOne mobile applications
  • Premier One CSR
  • Text Messaging
  • Location Tracking
  • Third-party integrated via application program interface (API):
    • Web based browsing internet/extranet
    • Photos, maps, still images
    • Fingerprints & mug shots
    • Field reporting, vehicle location, CAD dispatch
    • Filing administrative reports from the field

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