Motorola Avtec Scout VoIP Console

Motorola Avtec Scout VoIP Console
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The Motorola - AVTEC Scout meets the needs of a wide range of mission-critical and business-critical environments. It is a software-based Voice Over IP (VoIP) console system, using standard Ethernet to distribute all its components over a LAN/WAN infrastructure without a backroom TDM switch.  Leverage your existing infrastructure investment with multiple radio protocols, connection options, and reduced costs for life-cycle support by allowing operation on standard PCs.

Expand the choice of radio technologies via VPGate. The Scout's direct IP interface can connect with conventional (IP Site Connect), or multi-site trunked (Connect Plus and Linked Capacity Plus) MOTOTRBO systems.  Wire-line connections provide a direct IP interface between the console system and the radio infrastructure, offering connection redundancy and scalability to up to hundreds of talk groups, without system RF loading associated with wireless connections.  It can also support the P25 Console Sub-System Interface (CSSI) for direct IP connections from VP Gate to P25 trunked systems.

The Scout's interface supports both current and traditional radio technologies, with the introduction of new system drivers via available software upgrades, allowing for seamless migration to new radio systems. 

Included with the Motorola Avtec Scout VoIP Console

  • Scout 3.1 (with VPGate) Software
  • Scout Media Workstation Plus equipped with a dedicated audio processor and dual network connections
  • Stackable Speakers 
  • Ergonomic Microphone with professional-grade XLR connection

General Features:

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with support for 10/100/1000 Base T connections
  • Flexible, driver-based protocol interface 
  • Wireline and wireless interfaces
  • Can be used with existing standard PCs and network switches/routers
  • Touchscreen-friendly console
  • Easy-to-use graphical Project Manager user interface
  • Access to the Console Configuration via web page or command line utilities 
  • Configurations to restrict access and/or provide “free-seating”
  • Highly resilient system design with configured redundancy 
  • Centralized diagnostic logging application
  • Capable of supporting 200 consoles and 2,000 endpoints in a local area network
  • Connects multiple technologies simultaneously (MPT1327, MOTOTRBO, P25 (DFSI and CSSI), iDEN, NXDN, and SIP)
  • Windows 7, USB, and Bluetooth compatible
  • VPGate software-based gateway (runs multiple protocol drivers)
  • Radio, Telephony, and I/O integration via VPGate
  • Integration of console positions with third-party CAD systems
  • Supports P25 CSSI
  • Compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

Optional Features:

  • Non-VoIP capable radios can connect with Avtec’s Outpost via a serial port
  • Remotely control both Vega and SCOM dial-up base station controllers via Outpost's two-wire (2W) telephone port
  • Conventional radio configuration via Outpost to provide an “in-cabinet repeat” capability between the Receive and Transmitter

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