Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Console

Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Console
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Motorola Solutions MCC 5500 Dispatch Console is a full-featured conventional radio dispatch system solution designed to handle dispatch requirements for small to medium sized communication centers. The PC-based console seamlessly integrates radio, paging, and telephony, allowing operators to effectively manage communications with field personnel over numerous channels in a wide area system. The MCC 5500 is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Military, Industrial and Emergency Response teams. 

The MCC 5500 has an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and allows users to:

  • Control conventional, digital, and mobile radio channels
  • Receive and make calls on regular telephone lines
  • Use the Call Director to route telephone calls to a headset
  • Send pages, either through an internal paging encoder or optional external encoder
  • Operate a voter/comparator system by receiving comparator audio and by providing status and control to each receiver
  • Decode and dispatch Push-To-Talk (PTT) identifications with Stat-Alert (MDC-1200), ASTRO, GE-STAR, DTMF, and iDEN signaling systems.

Each console system can support up to 36 dispatch operator positions and 128 resources (radio channels and analog telephone lines). The maximum number of telephone lines supported is 72.   With comprehensive diagnostics and automatic switching the MCC 5500 Console is a fully redundant and self-healing solution, which also includes a TDM switch with distributed architecture and a console audio box (CAB) at the operator position.  It is an integrated solution for Dispatch Console, Vesta E911, IRR and Fire Alerting.

The MCC 5500 Dispatch Console automates the monitoring and testing of system components, and can also generate statistical reports and complete Log Dispatcher Operations.   The console displays key radio, telephone, paging and signaling resources on one screen, so dispatchers can access them all at the touch-of-a-button.  

The MCC 5500 supports a variety of systems including Stat-Alert, Securenet, ASTRO, and Wireless Interface for other systems. 

Included with the Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Console

  • Dispatch Operator Position - PC, Dispatch Application Program, Console Audio Box (CAB), Operator Accessories
  • Backroom Electronics - Console Electronic Shelf (CES), Console Processor (COP), Digital Audio Processor (DAP II) Modules, I/O Shelf
  • System Management Software Console System Database Manager (CSDM) program

General Features:

  • Multifunctional console 
  • Distributed TDM switch 
  • Integrated control room 
  • Enhanced monitoring 
  • Wireless Connectivity to Trunking Systems
  • Instant Access to Radio and Page Activity
  • Simple Configuration Tools
  • Diagnostics, Statistical Data & Event Logging
  • Operates with Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 60 Channel capacity per OP
  • ACIM Functionality
  • MDC 1200 encode/decode
  • SB9600 control head signaling
  • Acoustic Crossmute
  • Voice/Event logging port
  • Call Director
  • RF Crossbusy/Crossmute
  • DTMF Encode
  • Paging (integrated)

Dispatcher Control Features:

  • Integrated Resources
  • Radio and Page Activity Logs
  • Patch
  • Multi-Select
  • Pre-Programmed Multi-Select
  • Multiple Paging Formats
  • Sequential Paging with Transmitter Steering
  • Customizable Alert Tones
  • Channel Marker Tone
  • Channel Marker Tone Delay
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Telephone Speed Dial
  • All Mute
  • Improved Pop-Up Keypad *

Advanced Features

  • Resource Folders
  • Report Functionality
  • Zoom (Sizing Capability)
  • Supervisor Priority
  • Monitoring Capabilities
  • Receiver List Window
  • Summary List Window
  • CSDM Live Update Mode
  • RF Cross Mute
  • RF Cross Busy 

Multiple Systems Supported: 

  • Conventional
    • Stat-Alert (MDC-1200)
    • Securenet™ (coded/clear only)
    • GE-STAR
    • ASTRO® 25 Conventional (Project 25 compliant)
  • Wireless console interfaces supported:  
    • SmartZone
    • SmartZone OmniLink
    • ASTRO 25 Trunking (Project 25 compliant)
    • PassPort/LTR® Trunking
    • iDEN

Multiple Paging Formats Supported:

  • 2-Tone
  • Quick Call I and IITM
  • DTMF
  • 5/6-Tone
  • Custom Formats

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