Motorola PMMN4046 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone IP57 (IS)

Motorola PMMN4046 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone IP57
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Product Code: 402-2780

Motorola PMMN4046 Large style IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone. Submersible (IP57 Rated). Intrinsically Safe - IS (FM Approved) with Windporting, emergency button, and volume control.

The IP57 submersible RSM is tested at 1 meter for 30 minutes which is ideal for outdoor radio communication in wet conditions. The volume control feature enables the user to adjust the radio volume without having to touch the radio.

Compatible with XPR 6000, XPR 7000 series portable 2-way radios.

The IMPRES audio feature optimizes your audio when operating in noisy environments. 

The Windporting feature is specifically designed for windy outdoor environments and dramatically reduces the noise caused by howling winds and harsh weather.

Intrinsically Safe refers to equipment that is designed and certified to eliminate or encapsulate any components that produce sparks or which could generate enough heat to cause an ignition in areas with flammable gasses, dusts or fuels.