Motorola RLN4922 Discrete Miniature Earpiece

Motorola RLN4922 Discrete Miniature Earpiece
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Motorola RLN4922A Discrete Miniature Earpiece (Beige)

Allows private messages to be received for hands-free discrete communications without visible equipment. Includes discrete wireless earpiece receiver, inductive neckloop, six spare batteries and five spare earguards. For use with either a 2 or 3 wire surveillance kit, or wirelessly with a bluetooth kit.

The neckloop is easily hidden under clothing and the earpiece receiver is hidden in ear for the most discrete communications. Audio functions include automatic squelch, automatic gain control, and noise filtering. The replaceable battery lasts an average of 100 hours, emits a warning signal when running out of charge.

Compatible with the XTS series and APX series portable 2-way radios, as well as other portable radios utilizing a 2-wire surveillance accessory.