MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect
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MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect digital system enchances two-way radio communications by linking multiple repeaters over a standard IP network.   Provides a tailored system of portable and mobile radios, repeaters, accessories, applications and services to give you increased capacity for your communication system.

A cost effective solution for geographically dispersed locations or where there are physical barriers such as buildings, mountains and hilly terrain.  Networks workers over a wide area or nationwide utilizing an IP network to seamlessly connect communications.

Quick, affordable, uninterrupted voice and data.  Multi-site or single site. Roam without changing channels. No interference or drop-off spots. Increased capacity, integrated data applications, exceptional voice quality, extended battery performance.  Link up to 15 sites at geographically dispersed locations, create wide-area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers.


Features / Benefits:

  • Network up to 15 repeaters and 100 people
  • Share voice and data across geographically dispersed facilities
  • Seamlessly roam from site to site with no manual intervention or interruption, creating a contiguous coverage area
  • Eliminate the impact of many common physical barriers, such as tall buildings or mountains, by networking users together through an IP connection
  • Utilize new MOTOTRBO radios, repeaters and data applications—or existing MOTOTRBO equipment via software upgrade
  • Communicate on site and over a wide area from the same repeater
  • Monitor and manage your system via repeater diagnostics and control utility

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