OTTO 500 High Temp Remote Speaker Microphone IP68

OTTO 500 High Temp Remote Speaker Microphone IP68
List Price: $289.00
Our Price: $245.95
Savings: $43.05
Product Code: 408-2500

Rugged High Temperature IP68 Rated Remote Speaker Microphone.  

Large size for use with gloves, designed to function in extreme situations.   Exceeds the performance of any other speaker mic on the market.   Full immersion capability in one meter of water for 31 minutes and exceptional debris protection including a removable grill and replaceable debris screen for easy cleaning.   The durable OTTO 500 is the clear choice for extreme fire-fighting environments.   

Compatible with MOTOTRBO APX series Portable Radios.  

General Features:

  • Large PTT (Push-To-Talk) for use with gloves
  • Removable debris screen
  • Immersion rated IP68 standard (fully sealed against water and dust)
  • Cable pull: 40 lbs
  • Optional emergency button
  • Microphone optimized for fire-fighting conditions
  • Clip design ensures secure attachment to gear
  • Withtands heat shock conditions of 500°F (260°C) for at least 5 minutes