Procom PT-4D Dual Band Digital Briefcase Repeater

Procom PT-4D Digital P25 System Briefcase Repeater
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By “hive” we mean a group of repeaters that are networked together through RF links, allowing the network to be self healing (i.e., linked repeaters can be added or removed at any time). The 30 watt PT-4 dual band repeater is available in any combination of frequencies (VHF, UHF, 700/800/900 MHz), which results in a widely configurable system with an expandable area of coverage for mobile and portable radios. The PT-4 is available as an analog only or analog/P25 digital mixed mode repeater, giving users full
forward and backward compatibility with existing legacy equipment. In P25 digital mode, the PT-4 will pass all encrypted voice and data transparently through either a single repeater or a hive network.

A common application is to deploy four PT-4 VHF repeaters with UHF links, each placed within a vehicle. Four teams of six operatives each, using our covert Body Comm Kits, work together to track the movements of a potential threat over a radius of several
miles. Should the “threat” get into a vehicle, undercover operatives can follow in their PT-4 equipped vehicles, maintaining radio communications throughout by means of the repeaters’ RF link. 

Each PT-4 repeater weighs under 50 lbs. and is housed in a compact, watertight, polyethylene case. The transportable repeater includes soft grip handles, inline wheels, press and pull latches, and a telescoping handle. Our transportable repeaters boast the lowest power consumption in the industry, allowing the PT-4 to operate from a vehicle battery, a rechargeable external battery, a vehicle’s mobile phone charger, or a rapidly deployable flexible solar panel kit.

Included with the Procom PT-4D Dual Band Digital Briefcase Repeater

  • Repeater Unit
  • Rugged, transportable case
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

General Features:

  • Compact and easy to deploy by a single person
  • Supports full P25 AES 256 bit encryption
  • Supports VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz
  • AC-DC power converter and battery charger, converter accepts 90-260 VAC and provides a trickle charge for the battery cell  
  • Battery life at 20% duty cycle is 12 hours
  • Operating temperature is –30C to +60C
  • Interface connections on the side of the case for RF, DC and AC inputs 
  • Compact rugged case (11.75"H x 25"W x 20"D)
  • Weight fully equipped is 49 lbs. 
  • Case available in black or yellow

For a full list of features please click on the product spec sheet here.